In today's market, hotels are trying to find ways decrease costs and increase revenue. The Onetech CRS is a valuable component in helping reduce the cost of a voice reservation. The Onetech CRS connects hotels and chains to various different reservation service providers.

Because the Onetech CRS utilizing the same database that supports the Onetech PMS, the reservation service representative has real-time access to all available inventory, giving them the ability to quote the most competitive rates.

Another advantage of the integration of the Onetech CRS with the Onetech PMS is that there is no delay in a reservation taken over the phone and what appears at the front desk. Once a reservation is booked it becomes immediately available to the front desk for processing, eliminating any overbookings.

Onetech CRS offers you:

  • Integration with all Onetech products
  • 24x7x365 service availability
  • Built in reporting that is integrated with the Onetech PMS
  • Ability to modify any reservation that is in the Onetech PMS
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