The Onetech GDS is an integral component of the Onetech Suite. It provides a single point interface to manage all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), including:

  • SABRE®

The Onetech GDS links your hotel(s) to over 500,000 travel agencies worldwide, providing real-time, automatic rate and availability updating. Since Onetech GDS is tightly integrated with the Onetech PMS, the two-way interface allows your managers to leverage real-time data to manage the GDS channel, helping reduce over-bookings.

As with our other offerings, in addition to technology, the Onetech GDS offers you support services such as electronic marketing consulting and data maintenance to help you maximize the value of this channel.

The Onetech GDS, coupled with Onetech IBE, Onetech CRS, and Onetech IDS, extends the capabilities of the Onetech PMS to help you effectively manage the sales channels that drive the industry.

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