Onetech Solution PMS was developed from the ground up to incorporate the following innovative software philosophies:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) - SaaS has been talked about for several years. The technology is finally available to deliver it. Onetech Solution has taken advantage of SaaS technology to provide our clients with the system of the future...A system where you pay only for what you use while you use it. There is no longer a need to purchase expensive software licenses that provide no value to your operation.
  • No New Hardware Required - Today's PMS no longer requires hotels to purchase new equipment. Virtually any equipment that has been installed in the last five years will work with Onetech Solution.
  • No System Maintenance - There is no longer a need to hire high priced technology staff to maintain systems and do backups. That is all handled by Onetech Solution and is part of the monthly service fee!
  • No Software Maintenance - The Onetech Solution PMS is always on the current version. There are no concerns about dropping so far behind in versions that your PMS is no longer supported. When the Onetech Solution PMS is upgraded, all properties receive the upgrade at the same time. By the way, for the first time in history, all software upgrades are truly FREE.
  • Simple User Interfaces - From both a usability and training standpoint, this back to basics philosophy makes the Onetech Solution PMS software as easy to use as internet applications. This is a must to keep the attention of today's users.
  • No Travel Install - With easier to understand user interfaces, minimal training requirements, and no new hardware required, is there a reason to send people on property to install any more?
  • Compartmentalized Functionality - There is no longer a need to purchase inferior software in order to meet the needs of every user. The PMS can now be viewed as a single component of a larger group of systems that works as both an central reservation and online booking system, a CRM, a revenue management system, and a rate management system.
  • E-mail - No one prints out confirmation letters any more. Snail mail...faxes...who uses those? E-mail is a must!! We e-mail reservation conifirmations, cancellation confirmations, folios and more. Each e-mail is customized to each proeprty as far as look and feel and is sent using a trusted and approved methods.
  • Guest Privacy - Privacy of data is no longer an option. Systems must be designed from the ground up to protect guest privacy. Onetech Solution now meets Payment Card Insdusty (PCI) standards for security, ensuring that all data is as secure as possible.
  • Green Computing - With No Travel Installs, training and setup of new system installations are done remotely from the Onetech Solution central location. As a result, installers do not need to travel to each site, which saves on time and reduces carbon dioxide production. Energy reliance is further reduced by eliminating the need for servers at each location and recycling is positively impacted by not having to purchase new hardware and recycle the old hardware. These innovations help minimize our impact on the environment and save you money at the same time.
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