The Onetech PMS is a full-featured PMS which is unique in several ways. Not only is it hosted at a secure facility where it is managed by an expert staff, but it is also easy to manage more than one property, from just one system.

Onetech PMS takes full advantage of the Internet to deliver, in real-time, the services you require to manage your property.

Through user friendly interfaces, Onetech PMS helps you manage many functions including:

  • Rate/Yield Management Front Desk
  • Individual and Group Reservations
  • Housekeeping
  • Single Button Night Audit
  • Revenue Management

Some additional benefits Onetech delivers are:

  • Property Calendar Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Onetech PMS delivers lower total cost of ownership by eliminating or reducing on-site IT and vendor support, hardware and software, database maintenance, system upgrades, and system management costs. Additionally, the ability to access the system from anywhere in the world, at anytime, and in real-time, increases visibility into the hotel to help you manage your properties remotely.
  • Real-time, Single Image Inventory: Onetech’s architecture delivers single image capabilities to allow constant access to real-time information on rates, availability, hotel information & reservations.
  • Room Assignments Hassle-Free Upgrades: When new features or modules are added to Onetech PMS, upgrading is as easy as simply logging into your PMS. While technician is not needed for the upgrade, our technicians are on-hand to provide Web based training upon request.
  • Increased Security: Onetech PMS delivers increased security. Through a trusted hosting partner, rest assured that the data stored on the Onetech PMS is secure and no backup is needed. There is a nightly off-site back available for added security.
  • Support Services: Onetech’s support team can quickly troubleshoot and solve problems remotely. The support team can easily access your system, and solve problems in a fraction of the time it would take with a location-based system.
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