Onetech PMS

The Onetech PMS is a full-featured PMS which is unique in several ways. Not only is it hosted at a secure facility where it is managed by an expert staff, but it is also easy to manage more than one property, from just one system.

Onetech PMS takes full advantage of the Internet to deliver, in real-time, the services you require to manage your property.

Through user friendly interfaces, the Onetech PMS helps you manage many functions including:
• Front Desk & Housekeeping
• Individual and Group Reservations
• Single Button Night Audit
• Revenue Management

Some additional benefits Onetech delivers are:
• Lower Total Cost of Ownership
• Real-time, Single Image Inventory
• Hassle-Free Upgrades
• Increased Security

Onetech CRS

In today's market, hotels are trying to find ways decrease costs and increase revenue. The Onetech CRS is a valuable component in helping reduce the cost of a voice reservation. The Onetech CRS connects hotels and chains to various different reservation service providers.

Because the Onetech CRS utilizes the same database that supports the Onetech PMS, the reservation service representative has real-time access to all available inventory, giving them the ability to quote the most competitive rates.

Another advantage of the integration of the Onetech CRS with the Onetech PMS is that there is no delay in a reservation taken over the phone and what appears at the front desk. Once a reservation is booked it becomes immediately available to the front desk for processing, eliminating any overbookings.

Onetech CRS offers you:
• Integration with all Onetech products
• 24x7x365 service availability
• Built in reporting that is integrated with the Onetech PMS
• Ability to modify any reservation that is in the Onetech PMS

Onetech GDS

An integral component of the Onetech Suite. We provide a single point interface to manage all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) from within a single interface, including:

Onetech's GDS links your hotel(s) to over 500,000 travel agencies worldwide, providing real-time, automatic rate and availability updating. Since Onetech GDS is tightly integrated with the Onetech PMS, the two-way interface allows your managers to leverage real-time data to manage the GDS channel, helping reduce over-bookings.

As with our other offerings, in addition to technology, the Onetech GDS offers you support services such as electronic marketing consulting and data maintenance to help you maximize the value of this channel.

Onetech GDS, coupled with Onetech IBE, Onetech CRS, and Onetech IDS, extends the capabilities of the Onetech PMS to help you effectively manage the sales channels that drive the industry.

Onetech IBE

Onetech IBE combines web sites with integrated booking engine and the PMS helping to increase online reservations. The Onetech IBE offering includes:

• Seamless Facebook and WordPress Integration
• Real-time integration between PMS and booking engine
• Online account creation and management
• Online group and tour reservations
• Travel agent reservations
• Content updates made directly through the Onetech PMS
• Secure credit card transactions
• E-mail Confirmations
• Customer service and support

With Onetech, your property managers can keep your website fresh with local events and hotel specials, without requiring support from IT or a Web Master. Fresh content on your site generates better search results for your property, resulting in increased reservations made through this channel.

Onetech Solution

Since 2001, Onetech Solution has been providing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to independent hotels, hotel chains and hotel management companies. The hotel property management system (PMS) fully integrates hotel management, central reservations, global distribution systems and internet bookings in an easy to use and secure environment. To make management easy, rates and inventory can be managed from the PMS and seamlessly distributed to all reservation channels.

Who can profit from while working with Onetech Solution? Virtually, everyone. From B&Bs and motels, to inns, condos and small chains, we’re helping independent hotel owners everywhere increase their businesses and ramp ROI! Onetech Solution helps you
"Get Connected" to maximize your ROI and simplify your day to day management.

At Onetech Solution we like to make it easy to get started. Call us at 888.229.3575 or fill out the request free demonstration and one of our team members will contact you to
"Get Connected".

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